Privacy Policy


At BWC, we’re committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding all personal information and details that you’ve chosen to entrust us with. Our privacy management practices comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

The Information We Gather

Most of the information is collected when you interact directly with us, for example when you:

  • apply for a product or service;

  • communicate and or interact with us; or

  • sign up for special offers, enter a contest or complete a contact form or survey.

We also collect financial and other information about you from a variety of other sources including:

  • transactions you have made with or through us;

  • credit bureau agencies;

  • references you have provided to us; and

  • other financial institutions and/or insurance companies.

We may also collect personal information about you from third parties in accordance with their respective terms and conditions and or privacy policies. Examples of third parties that may share personal information with us may include:

  • third party verification services;

  • commercially available sources such as mailing list providers; and

  • publicly available sources such as telephone directories, newspapers, social media or internet sites, and government agencies, registries or public records.

We will ask you to provide information that enables us to complete your request, to provide better service or to offer you products and services we believe may be of value to you.

How we use your information

We may use your personal information for the purposes communicated to you at the time of collection or in your agreement(s) with us and in this notice, to verify your identity and to authenticate you when you contact us;

  • to provide you with the financial products and services requested;

  • to communicate to you any benefit, feature and other information about products and services you have with us;

  • to better understand your financial situation and determine your eligibility for products and services we offer;

  • to manage our risks and operations; and

  • to meet regulatory and legal requirements

  • for the purpose of preventing or detecting fraud or suppressing financial abuse

  • If we have your tax identification number (such as social insurance number or social security number), and you hold a product generating income, we may use it for tax related purposes and share it with the appropriate government agencies. We may also share it with credit reporting agencies as an aid to identify you.

  • If you have consented to sharing your information, it may be withdrawn at any time. You may request that we do not use your SIN for credit reporting agencies.

Keeping Your Information Safe and Accurate

Protecting your personal information is fundamental to the way we do business. We will do our utmost to ensure the information we have about you is accurate and complete and will keep your personal information for as long as required to comply with all business, legal and regulatory record keeping requirements and aligned with our internal policies and retention schedules. This commitment extends to our online services and any new technologies we employ.

As we make decisions based on the information we have, we encourage you to help us keep your information current.

Contact us at any time if you wish to understand, verify the accuracy, update or correct the personal information we have about you. 

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